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Auditions for Ruthless - Monday 4/21 and Wednesday 4/23 at BayWay Arts Center in East Islip at 7pm.  This is for the role of Tina Denmark only.  All other roles are cast.  Looking for an 8-10 year old girl---small, triple threat has to sing, belt, dance, tap and act.  Character is a precocious diva who wants to be on stage and will do anything to get there.  Think Bad Seed meets Toddlers and Tiaras.  Show runs at Studio Theatre in Lindenhurst from 6/28 to 7/26. Rehearsals begin 5/5.  Please prepare a song to be sung without accompaniment and be prepared to tap.  Director Scott Hofer.  Musical Director/Choreographer Sal Canepa.  Email scott at if any questions.



Broadhollow Theater Company will hold auditions for it’s Mainstage and

Teen productions of CATS the musical on Monday May 19 at 7pm, Tuesday May 20 at 7pm and Saturday May 24 at 10am at the BayWay Arts Center, 265 East Main Street, East Islip. Directed and Choreographed by Jessy Gill and Musically Directed by Tyler Boyle.


Seeking dancers, singers, and gymnasts ages 16 and up for the MAINSTAGE production and ages 12-18 for our TEEN PRODUCTION. Please bring headshot and resume. Prepare 32 bars of a song, bring sheet music, an accompanist will be provided. Be prepared to dance. 


The Mainstage show runs from July 12 to July 27 at BayWay in East Islip AND August 2 to August 17 at BroadHollow in Elmont including several matinees. Seeking actors who can commit to both runs. Performance stipend provided. Most rehearsals will take place at BayWay in East Islip. Please bring a list of rehearsal conflicts to auditions. The teen production will run July 19-27 at BayWay. There is a production fee for the teen production.


For more information please email


Based on the universally popular poetry of T.S. Eliot, CATS tells the story, in song and dance, of the annual gathering of Jellicle cats at which time one special cat is selected to ascend to the Heaviside layer. A true musical theatre phenomenon, CATS ran at the Wintergarden Theatre for just over 18 years on Broadway. 


Character Descriptions:

OLD DEUTERONOMY:He is the “grandfather” of the Jellicle tribe; he decides which cat will go to the Heavyside Layer. He is old and dignified. Strong singer.

GRIZABELLA:The former Glamour Cat who is now tattered with a scraggily coat. As a younger cat, she left the comfort of the tribe to explore the harsh world outside the junkyard. Strong singer.

RUM TUM TUGGER: A very flirty cat, he is the clownish cat in the tribe. He is characterized by his wild mane and is often compared to rock-n-roll legend Elvis Presley. Strong singer and dancer.

BOMBALURINA:Leader of the female cats – she has a fondness for The Rum Tum Tugger. Principal singer and dancer. 

MUNKUSTRAP: The show’s narrator, he protects all members of the Jellicle tribe.  Second in command. Singing and dancing required.

JENNYANYDOTS: The old Gumbie Cat, she sits and sleeps all day and minds the forgotten creatures at night. Tap dancing required. 

MUNGOJERRIE: One of the cat-burglars, along with Rumpleteazer. Strong dancer. 

RUMPLETEAZER: Female cohort of Mungojerrie, she is a cat-burglar. Strong dancer  and singer.

BUSTOPHER JONES: One of the fattest cats, he is always fancily dressed and upper class; all the cats respect him.

GUS:The old theatre cat, he recounts his days in the theatre when he played the infamous Growltiger.

DEMETER: A very skittish female cat, principal vocalist and dancer. 

JELLYORUM: One of the female cats who looks out for the kittens. Principal vocalist.

MACAVITY: A villainous cat responsible for kidnapping Old Deuteronomy.

MR. MISTOFFLEES: A young male cat with magical powers; the tribe asks for his help to find kidnapped Old Deuteronomy. Strong dancer.

SKIMBLESHANKS:He is a railway cat who lives on the train. He helps run the train and guides the cat passengers.

VICTORIA: A pure white kitten gifted in dancing. Principal dancer. 

JEMIMA: Is the youngest kitten in the tribe, and she wants to be a glamour cat just like Grizabella was.

CASSANDRA: A siamese cat that is Mr. Mistoffelees’ assistant. Principal dancer.

TUMBLEBRUTUS: An acrobat cat that carries on antics. 


ALONZO, GRIDDLEBONE, GROWLTIGER, RUMPUS CAT, TANTOMLIE, PLATO, ELECTRA: Seeking a strong ensemble of various ages of dancing, singing, tumbling cats.



For more information please call (631) 581-2700.

Looking for Directors, Stage Managers & Sound Technicians for our upcoming season for BayWay and Studio

Broadhollow is looking for directors, stage managers and sound technicians for our upcoming season for BayWay and Studio. Stipend provided. Please email resume to Robert O'Neill, Executive Director, BroadHollow Theatre Company at

 Especially looking for a stage manager for Murder Among Friends and The Elephant Man.  Please call 631-581-2700 with any questions.

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